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Breaking Barriers Unapologetically where you will find men and women support one another in breaking their barriers they are struggling within their life and/or business.

Often times its hard to find genuine people who can hold you accountable to reach your goals but also call you to the carpet to be stretched.  

If this is for you or someone you know, let’s begin breaking the barriers that’s holding you back from your greatness.

Let's break barriers one household at a time!

Are you having a hard time moving past the pain?

Do you find yourself settling and don’t understand why?

Are you ready to be open to healing properly so you can live life unapologetically?

 Do you find yourself self-sabotaging yourself in believing it’s not possible for you to be successful in life or have a thriving business for various reasons?

This is the conference you do not want to miss.


"Do you find yourself self-sabotaging, believing it’s not possible for you to be successful in life or have a thriving business for various reasons?"

The #1 reason you should attend the

Breaking Barriers Unapologetically Virtual Conference is

You are ready to apply pressure for change.

You are seeking accountability to remove yourself from self-sabotaging your worth and growth. 

Why Attend?

Expert Advice

Hear from experts and leaders from all walks of life and goals .

Actionable Insights

Learn the strategies from different business

Virtually Connect with Peers

Share your thoughts and get questions answered.

Are you ready to transform your life?

Who is the Breaking Barriers Unapologetically Virtual Conference for?

  • Consultants
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Authors
  • Change Making Experts
  • Speakers
  • Procrastinators

Are you looking to:

  • Break generational curses
  • Create seats for others to eat
  • Tap into your power of ownership
  • Build valuable relationships

Then, this is for you!


What did you learn about yourself at the conference?  

"I don’t have to be apologetic about my gifts. "  

"I have what it takes to create a life outside of my 9 to 5  

"Getting out of my own way."  

"I can win and achieve."

What's one of the barriers you are working toward breaking now that you attended the conference?

"Not letting someone’s idea of who they think I should be dictate who God has made in me"  

"I have begun to write my first solo book on marriage."  

"I’m working on breaking things I can’t control hold me back. I am going to use them to fuel me to go for what is for me."

What was your favorite experience of the conference and why?

"My favorite experiences were when we were in the circle, the village, singing, praying, and encouraging one another as well as the praying pearls activity...  

"That it takes a village to help you through when storms come. When your WiFi is low the village and them praying pearls  

"How to handle my keys, who to give my keys to and that I have keys.  

What made you say yes to attend the conference?

"I love Vanessa, her drive, her passion and her determination and also how she help and pushes others to live their dream."  

"After working with and talking to Vanessa I wanted to meet her in person, I am always looking to connect with other successful black women"  

"I knew that it would be impact to help others also to see what things in my life I needed to break to propel forward."  

"I was suppose to be working for the magazine , however that changed."

The 2019 “Breaking Barriers” conference in Maryland was a phenomenal event.  I was there on behalf of media for the event and I took away more than I bargained for.  The environment was set for releasing and setting the path for growth. 

The speakers were personable and effective with their message.  The attendants were a mixture of professionals who showed each other with the highest respect. 

Overall, this event was not just work, it turned to be just what I needed to make some tough decisions.  I look forward to the next event and anticipate the growth that will happen as a result of this event. 

Kyonna F. Brown

I was moved by the energy of LOVE from everyone in attendance. The opportunity to share a message rooted in Divine Transformation that allowed others to heal and shift their mindset to a new way of thinking and a new way of living was both energizing and humbling.

This conference should be attended by everyone in order to support the continuous journey of transformation and Divine Growth in each of our lives.

I am grateful to know Vanessa Canteberry and humble to call her friend and inspiration.

Darlene Brown


of Breaking Barriers Unapologetically Virtual Conference

SPEAKERS will be announced soon.



Sponsors will have opportunities available to uniquely market to, and in some cases personally interact with, conference attendees.

In addition, sponsors will receive public media attention in the months leading up to the conference, including special mention in any advertisements and related articles.


About the Host

Vanessa Canteberry is the CEO of InspiredByVanessa. She was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She’s determined to continue to break the cycle of poverty, negligent, and unnecessary hardship. Vanessa worked in Corporate America for 20 years as a Secretary. After being laid off in 2011, she knew something needed to change, knowing she was a single parent of three. Vanessa was not able to obtain employment, and the mere thought of being unable to support her son attending high school and two daughters attending college was unbearable.

For that reason, Vanessa challenged herself. She took a stand on faith and changed her mindset. She’s on a mission to educate individuals on the importance of transformation of the W2 mindset in life and business.

“Vanessa stands on FAITH and refuses to allow FEAR to void VISIONS.”

She’s also the Founder of Breaking Barriers Unapologetically and co-host of Motivate Social Podcast

Vanessa is a Speaker, Mindset Coach, a Self Published 9 times Best Selling Author, working from the comfort of her home. She is also committed to teaching individuals how they too, can become a business owner and overcome obstacles in their life.

Vanessa is the Best Selling Author of Shifting Your Mindset and Breaking the Cycle of Brokenness, Co-Author I Am More Than, Do I Not Matter and the Compiler for the anthologies Screams of a Broken Woman and Cries of a Broken Man, Dear Dad, Dear Mom, Co-Author Empowerpreneur, Dear Daughter and Dear Son.

You are not alone in your journey!

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